Downloads for Settlers 3

The following files are available for you to download:



If you own a router and want to play behind it, you won't always enjoy newer games that establish a connection via DirectPlay. To be able to act as a server, you would have to completely unlock the entire DirectPlay area (ports 2302-2400).

The small tool DXport can now completely restrict this area and forward it to a computer in the LAN. Several computers can also use different DirectPlay-IPs. This avoids problems when several computers want to play the same game.

Hint: When playing over the aLobby the use of DXport is not necessary thanks to VPN - no matter which network configuration you have at home.


The Map Copier makes it easy for map creators to copy maps.


An archive ARCHIVE will be created in the SAVE directory of SiedlerIII.

  • an archive can be freely selected, e.g. on a different drive
  • Games can be removed from the slots by drag and drop and moved to one of the archives or deleted
  • Time and description of scores are displayed
  • for each score can be entered an info text up to 255 characters one can display the current map, if desired:
    • the raw materials coal, iron ore, gold, gems and sulfur are displayed in the map.
    • Fish stocks made visible
    • the influence areas of the players are drawn in

You can switch between the German and English version at any time.


This file allows you to play Settlers 3 under Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.

Update of the S3 editor to version 2.05 (only for English editions)